Covers & Labels

You have multiple choices to design your vinyl an a creative manner:


  • colored Covers
  • print you own Covers (size see below)


  • White Labels
  • Print your own labels (PDFs)
  • Design your own labels with our Labeldesigner and we'll print them for you


You can use our Labeldesigner in two variants:

  • Standalone to test and export
  • When ordering through (choose "design custom label")

When ordering you have the advantage that the correct vinyl size is already selected. Also you can save the A-side and B-side already.

Tips and Tricks - Labeldesigner

Please avoid large black spaces for a perfect print quality.


Right now we can only print your covers starting from 300 pieces.

But you can print, draw or put stickers on our white or colored covers.

Cover print template

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