short runs from 10 pieces up - your music on limited vinyl!

For everyone who wants to cut his produced music or album on vinyl with limited quantity below 100 pieces, DrDub now offers complete short run bundles.

  • from 10 pieces!

A+B side
Label print inclusive
cover print inclusive
white innersleeve polybags
100% handcrafted
10 working days until delivery

Dr Dub Short Run Bundles

10 pieces 7inch (5min/side) 390,-
20 pieces 7inch (5min/side) 680,-

10 pieces 12inch (12min/side) 550,-
20 pieces 12inch (12min/side) 900,-

10 pieces 12inch (18min/side 790,-
20 pieces 12inch (18min/side) 1390,-

10 pieces 12inch (24min/side) 980,-
20 pieces 12inch (24min/side) 1730,-

(all prices incl.20%vat)

you can design your labelstickers HERE
covers specifications are available HERE

ask dr.dub for short runs

Dr.Dub Short Runs
Dr.Dub Short Runs Dr.Dub Short Runs