Individual Covers

You want to design and have a cover made for your vinyl record?

Simply select "own cover design" as cover in the order form for vinyl dubplates, in the window of the cover designer you can design your desired cover:

shop for vinyl dubplates

In our vinyl shortrun bundles starting at 5 pieces, printed covers are also included:

vinyl shortrun bundles

If you want to design a personal cover outside of a vinyl dubplate order, or for vinyl shortruns, or a cover shortrun without vinyl, use our standalone cover designer:


cover shortruns (without vinyl)

from 1 piece up
full surface full color
Professional UV digital printing
very durable 350g/m² chromo cardboard
including PVC sleeve
water repellent
fits up to 2 vinyl
one week production time

ask for cover shortruns

12" Cover (4mm spine)

  • 1x 40,- euro
  • 5x 100,- euro
  • 10x 150,- euro
  • 20x 300,- euro
  • 30x 450,- euro
  • 40x 600,- euro
  • 50x 750,- euro

12" Gatefold (7mm spine)

  • 1x 70,- euro
  • 5x 175,- euro
  • 10x 250,- euro
  • 20x 500,- euro
  • 30x 750,- euro
  • 40x 1000,- euro
  • 50x 1250,- euro

10" Cover (4mm spine)

  • 1x 35,- euro
  • 5x 90,- euro
  • 10x 130,- euro
  • 20x 260,- euro
  • 30x 390,- euro
  • 40x 520,- euro
  • 50x 650,- euro

7" Cover (4mm spine)

  • 1x 30,- euro
  • 5x 75,- euro
  • 10x 100,- euro
  • 20x 200,- euro
  • 30x 300,- euro
  • 40x 400,- euro
  • 50x 500,- euro
everything is possible - like gambling
Examples of our awesome covers


If you prefer to work with your own software, you can find the necessary templates for covers here.
The templates are optimized for Adobe Illustrator! Please be sure to follow the information written down in the templates!

Suitable for:

  • Vinyl dubplates (starting at 1 piece)
  • Vinyl shortrun bundles (starting at 6pcs)
  • Cover shortruns


There is room for up to 2 records in all covers.