Individual Covers

Printed covers in all formats with the desired design.

You want to design and order a cover for your vinyl record?
Simply select "custom cover print" in the order form as cover and upload the image files at the end of the order.

  • 12inch (40.-€/Cover)
  • 10inch (35.-€/Cover)
  • 7inch (30.-€/Cover)
  • Minimum quantity 1 piece!
  • High Quality 8c color printing
  • durable 400g/m² matte photo paper

ATTENTION: Cover prices are per one-off vinyl dubplate (1-10 pieces)! If you are interested in prices for shortrun bundles from 10 pieces, have a look here !

Here you will find the necessary information and dimensions for your graphics.
You can also send us image files with a ratio of 1:1.

If you have selected a Gatefold cover at our shop for vinyl dubplates, please use 2x the "12inch Cover 3mm spine" template to design 1x the outside (left / right) and 1x the inside (left / right).


10inch Cover 3mm spine

7inch Cover 3mm spine

All templates can also be used for the cover design of your vinyl pressings at DrDub!

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Examples of our awesome covers