Individual Covers

You want to design and order a cover for your vinyl record?

Simply select "custom cover print" in the vinyl dubplates order form as cover, in the popup window you'll see the coverdesigner,
there you can easily design your personal cover of your desires. you can also design your personal cover outside an order here.

Printed covers (7"/10"/12") with the desired design.

Covers vinyl dubplates (1-10pcs)

12" (3mm spine) 40,- euro/pc
12" (5mm spine 2lps) 40,- euro/pc
12" (gatefold 2lps) 70,- euro/pc
10" (3mm spine) 35,- euro/pc
7" (3mm spine) 30,- euro/pc

Minimum quantity 1 piece
High Quality 9c color printing
durable 400g/m² matte paper

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Covers vinyl shortruns (included in bundleprice)

10pcs 12" (3mm spine) 7,5 euro/pc
20pcs 12" (3mm spine) 5,- euro/pc

10stk 10" (3mm Rücken) 7,5 euro/stk
20stk 10" (3mm Rücken) 5,- euro/stk

10pcs 7" (3mm spine) 7,5 euro/pc
20pcs 7" (3mm spine) 5,- euro/pc

professional offset print
coverprint cmyk 127g/m² gc 1

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Here you will find the necessary information and dimensions for all kind of covers.




10inch Cover 3mm spine

7inch Cover 3mm spine

All templates can also be used for the cover design of your vinyl pressings at DrDub!

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Examples of our awesome covers