vinyl recording service - dubplates - pressings

Vinyl in ALL sizes, formats and speeds!

this is how it works:

  • you send or upload your audiotracks/mixtape - we cut them on premium quality vinyl records.

we guarantee:

  • best quality
  • fair prices
  • ready for shipping within one week (dubplates)
  • worldwide shipping

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cover print - all formats - all quantities

New - spacey Covers at DrDub!

Send us some graphics / artworks and we will create your handmade 7 ", 10" or 12" cover for your vinyl order.
Minimum Quantity one piece.

Professional color printing in glossy, satin or matt.
Everything is possible.

That's how you get your own Cover!

Print your favourite artwork on a cover an preserve it for the eternity
Dr. Dub vinyl culture since 2000

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Post vom 13.03.2019 15:41 - Our new covers are good for many things #vinyl #coverart #coverartwork #streamin

Our new covers are good for many things … #vinyl #coverart #coverartwork #streaming #vinylisback #drdub #keeponturning #keeponkeepingon #originalsound