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Vinyl shortruns (from 10 pcs) are here.
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12 inch LP / MAXI

the most classic vinyl format.
recording time up to 24 minutes per side. comes in differnt colors and with covers in all kind of colors

10 inch MAXI

a little smaller and less recording time than a 12inch, but perfect for  your dancehall masters and shellac or grammophone tracks at 78rpm
incl. label, innersleeve and cover. 

7 inch SINGLE

the classic 7inch single record. have your personal hits on a & b side, or put it in your juke box.
it's coming with labels, innersleeve, cover big or small centerhole - your choice.


Iyou want to have your top jingle always with you? than that's the disk for you!

12cm in diamter (cd size), 2 minutes recording time per side at 45 rpm. that's it.

our vinyl vouchers are the perfect present, if you don't know too much about vinyl. See some suggestions below!