Acetate master discs

We produce acetate master discs for your pressings on our Neumann VMS66 lathe. We cut on MDC/Emdic discs.

We can cut master discs for these formats:

  • 12 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 7 inch

Why should you let us cut your masters?

We can assess your audio files individually, because we don't have to follow a strict timeline like in big pressing plants. Because of that we don't have to choose the "safest" cut, we can make your sound really juicy or really loud. After production we send your masters immediately to the pressing plant you chose.

Prices (per side):

  • 12 inch 15 minutes: 113.- Euro
  • 12 inch 22 minutes: 130.- Euro
  • 12 inch 25 minutes: 151.- Euro
  • 10 inch 12 minutes: 92.- Euro
  • 10 inch 15 minutes: 104.- Euro
  • 7inch 4 minutes: 60.- Euro
  • 7inch 6 minutes: 75.- Euro

all prices excl. Vat excl. shipping

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