Vinyl Record Digitizing

Dr. Dub converts your vinyl records into music files

You want to digitize your vinyl records into professional studio quality?

Just send them to us and we’ll handle all the necessary steps to convert your analog audio into digital files!

We can digitize all formats:

  • 12 inch
  • 10 inch (shellac as well)
  • 7 inch

Why should you digitize your records at dr.dub?

Dr. Dub records your vinyl with a high quality MC pickup needle on a turntable with accurate speed and a linear transmission path.
This ensures that the recordings are as detailed as possible and reproduce the analog sound 1:1 across the entire frequency spectrum.

If needed we also reduce pops and crackles for you.

After recording we'll send your songs as WAV Files (or 320kbit mp3 file if there is absolutely no other way).
All songs are individually labeled and the ID3-Tags are filled by us.

Prices (per Record A+B total playing time):

  • 12 inch up to 24 minutes: 25.- Euro
  • 12 inch up to 36 minutes: 30.- Euro
  • 12 inch up to 50 minutes: 35.- Euro
  • 10 inch up to 16 minutes: 20.- Euro
  • 10 inch up to 24 minutes: 25.- Euro
  • 10 inch up to 32 minutes: 28.- Euro
  • 7inch up to 8 minutes: 15.- Euro
  • 7inch up to 12 minutes: 18.- Euro

Ultrasonic cleaning before digitization for dirty records (per vinyl A+B):

  • 7inch/10inch/12inch: +15.- Euro

If needed we can burn the songs onto a CD:

  • +5.-€ per CD.

all prices incl. VAT

For old shellac records Dr.Dub uses a special mono pickup that is suitable for the wider grooves, as well as special playback or equalization characteristics for such records from times before the RIAA standard.

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