With this option, we cut your vinyl disks with our feedback cutterheads. It is basically the same process as cutting a lacquer master (but directly on a PVC blank).

This vinyl records have:

- heavy weight (e.g. 180g for 12")
- highly linear frequency response
- very transparent sound
- exact stereo imaging

A feedback cutterhead is the Mercedes Benz among record cutters and delivers top notch quality in any aspect. Please do not choose this option if you want us to cut mp3's. The Germans call this "perlen vor die säue werfen...".

are you tired of always playing the same grooves? make your own! we cut them for you. send us your loops, acapella beats etc. and we pack them on vinyl for endless scratch and drumbeat sessions.

  • if you need endless loops, please note the following: the tempo must be exactly 133 1/3 bpm for a 4/4 rhythm on a 12 "at 33 1/3 rpm, so your loop must be exactly 1.8 sec! loops which are supposed to run at 45 rpm need to have exactly 180bpm and be 1 1/3 seconds long!

attention: your tracks must meet some requirements. Get in contact with us and check out this video first.

For any number of Locked grooves, we charge 55,00 € calibration cost (5 ", 7", 10 ", 12").

due to the demand we also cut from inside to outside!
So the first track starts now in the middle and not on the outer edge.

Not only to surprise your friends, it also has soundtechnical advantages!

Only available from us!

inside out
inside out

The ultimate battle tool is only available from us:

on 12cm (5inch), we cut your favorite battle tracks, intros, loops, signations etc.
at 45 rpm, max. 2 min. with amazingly good quality on it. It's clear that the lowest sounds and maximum loudness cannot be achieved quite well here, but do not be fooled - these small guys sound good!

We tested the "pocket battle discs" (pbd's) and took them everywhere during the last weeks. We sat on them and had them in our pocket while boarding: The pbd's can withstand it!

the vinyl is 2mm thick and can be pushed into any cd case. so you can always stick to your tracks in case of an emergency!

the pocket battle disc (pbd) is delivered in a sturdy, round metal tin so you can carry it everywhere.