we can make the following sizes:

12 inch: Standard LP or maxi single, 33 or 45 ar-pee-ems
10 inch: Maxis, transfer from 78 rpm disks and shellacks
7 inch : Singles for da dancehall masters and your oldies andd jukeboxes
5 inch : Pocket Battle Disk max. 2 minutes playtime

you can send us the following audio formats: .wav, .aif, .aiff, .mp3, .flac, .ogg, m4a.

.mp3 is not losslessly compressed. compared to .wav or aiff., information is omitted in order to minimize the size of the file. there are quite audible differences depending on how and how much compressed your .mp3 is.

some theory:
Audio is presented in the form of a curve. In a vinyl record, this curve is cut (very simplified). digitally, it is done using 0 & 1 parameters.
This determines a number of horizontal and vertical dots (as in a graph) and should approach the shape of a curve. strictly speaking, this is no curve but rather an up and down from horizontal and vertical lines. In .wav files, scaling is relatively fine. in order to see the edges and corners, one would need to 'zoom' in quite far. With .mp3's larger steps are taken to represent the curve. This makes the image 'edgier'.
As a comparison: Photos are also displayed in the digital world in the form of pixels. More pixels mean a larger resolution, a sharper image and a better quality.

Whether .mp3 files sound good on vinyl, we can only tell after a test cut. you can assume that good .mp3 files are also okay on vinyl. But if you do 'hear' the .mp3 file, there is a a high probability that your music will not sound good...

Unfortunately, we cannot accept complaints about the sound quality of very compressed file formats. Likewise, errors can be caused by mixed file formats and bit rates. Please specify if you send us "cabbage and turnips" ...

If the total length of your songs is 30 seconds longer than the given playing time per side, that's fine!

It's also okay, for example, if you choose a 12inch with 12min / side (24min total time) that has a A-side with 14min. & a B-side with 10min.

However, there are always maximum playing times per record side that must not be exceeded:

12inch vinyl side max. 25min
10inch vinyl side max. 16min
7inch vinyl side max. 6min

You can find a detailed listing of the recording time of every single vinyl plate on our prices page.

We also cut audio material on vinyl that is longer than the standard recording time (keyword: longer playtime).

but also take into account this article.

In a nutshell: No, a vinyl record CANNOT be played on a gramophone.

Heavy technical background for the curious

Speaking of a gramophone, the entire sound reproduction happens acoustically.
Exception: In the mid-1920s, there were already some retrofittable electric pickups for gramophones.

Theoretical requirement for vinyl records on gramophones:

  1. The audio on the record must be cut 100% in mono since the gramophone can only read horizontally in grooves.
  2. The grooves need to be cut thicker for the "thicker" stylus (about 6 mils wide).
  3. 10inch diameter and 78rpm playback speed with max. 5min. playing time, which was usual on gramophones.

These are the reasons why it still does not make sense to play vinyl records on a gramophone despite the 10inch and 78rpm format:

  1. The sound is very "dull" and missing bass, because an acoustic gramophone could not equalize the audio signal from vinyl records (which is done by the phono preamplifier in modern record players), see RIAA-cutting-characteristic , but that wouldn't trouble you because before that, this happens:
  2. The grooves of the "soft" vinyl record would (as opposed to hard shellac records) be all plowed out by the VERY high weight (about 100g!) of the gramophone stylus on the sound can.
But the other way round is possible - to play shellac records on turntables, more info HERE !

In order to get the best sound result out of your records, the correct playback speed in connection with the playing time is an important thing! In this table, you will quickly find the right RPM we recommend you in order to get the best result. Do not worry - almost EVERY turntable offers the possibility to play 33rpm and 45rpm!

We also cut 10inches with 78rpm, inspired by the old shellac records with 5 min. / Side

The ultimate battle tool is only available from us:

on 12cm (5inch), we cut your favorite battle tracks, intros, loops, signations etc.
at 45 rpm, max. 2 min. with amazingly good quality on it. It's clear that the lowest sounds and maximum loudness cannot be achieved quite well here, but do not be fooled - these small guys sound good!

We tested the "pocket battle discs" (pbd's) and took them everywhere during the last weeks. We sat on them and had them in our pocket while boarding: The pbd's can withstand it!

the vinyl is 2mm thick and can be pushed into any cd case. so you can always stick to your tracks in case of an emergency!

the pocket battle disc (pbd) is delivered in a sturdy, round metal tin so you can carry it everywhere.