Here you can download templates for printing your labels.

  • 12 inch label, 10cm or 9,5cm diameter
  • 7 inch label, 8,4cm diameter, big middle hole 3,9cm
  • 7 inch (or 10 inch) label, 8,4cm diameter, small middle hole

Download and open in program of your choice.
(disable ledger lines before printing!)

At Dr.Dub you have (for the first time in history of vinyl) the opportunity to design your custom label stickers (A+B) and cover online while ordering. we print and finish them for you.

Advantage: You do not have to be a master of art or a graphic artist and pay attention to dimensions or color profiles, easy right?

Here you can test the label designer & cover designer outside of an order and export your finished designs as a file by clicking on "preview":

More information about cover prices & templates here

If something has been overlooked while creating a cover or labels and the order has already been placed, you can contact us here.

please mention your order number - we will activate the editing of your graphic files via the personal upload window again -then you can edit again. if everything fits, just click on Save!

MIND: After the invoice has already been sent or the order has been queued in the studio, no changes can be made.